Five X Five: Target Zone


Military Sci-fi Anthology

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TARGETS ARE LOCKED!Five short novels by five masters of military SF capture the excitement, and hell, of fantastic future war?on and off the battlefield. Stories of terrifying monsters, dangerous aliens and staggering cosmic dreadnaughts march alongside far-flung courtroom dramas and cautionary tales involving man and his devices. Michael A. Stackpole?The Star Tigers are commandeered by a powerful alien overseer on a covert mission to a world long abandoned by an ancient species. There, the ruins of a forgotten war will tip the balance of their war, unless the Star Tigers can prevent it.Sarah A. Hoyt?Lucius Dante Maximilian Keeva is a well-respected leader of the Usaian Revolution, but treason in the ranks can cost him everything that makes life worth living?unless he takes justice into his own hands and breaks every military regulation in its pursuit. Doug Dandridge?Faced with an enemy more than two hundred times her own size, Cinda Klerk has two options: hide, and let it destroy the planet she is supposed to protect, or find a way to even the odds and kill the enemy, even at the cost of her ship and crew.Eytan Kollin and Dani Kollin?As the Unincorporated War envelops the entire solar system, a father must come to the rescue of a daughter he never raised. But he’ll have to convince her to save herself first.Kevin J. Anderson?In the war against an alien menace, Earth?s greatest military commanders risk themselves on the front lines, but with an escape hatch: If the situation goes terribly wrong, they can switch places with a safe soldier far from the battlefield. But the cannon-fodder volunteers don?t consider that such a good deal.Set your cross-hairs on the Target Zone.

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