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A Whisper to A Scheme

From the Cover:

My name is Noel R Glass and I’m not your average gumshoe.

What I am is a pariah from the theoretical physics game; a former wunderkind who watched his future dissolve like the victims of my failed experiment. Years later, I’m finally putting my intellect to work solving crimes with science, not instinct.

Well, mostly.   

Instinct told me the angelic damsel in a black dress who walked into my office was bad news. What made it worse is she admitted to possibly killing her husband, millionaire mercantile maverick Marlin Black. Now I have to find Mr. Black, or his corpse, before the cops do. Otherwise, they won’t look beyond the bedroom eyes of his gorgeous widow.

I know different. It’s not just a hunch, but the science of the bullet that took down Black that doesn’t add up. What type of bullet doesn’t leave a powder trace…Even my genius brain might need help on this one. Who can I turn to? Certainly not the Widow Black or any of Marlin’s associates. They’ve all got motives.

No. The type of assistance I need comes in the form of a Japanese gangster with a Chinese Name. But if Wan Lee helps me this time, what will he ask of me next?

Damn those dames singing the “Save Me” blues. Why aren’t I smart enough to just walk away?      


A Whisper to a Scheme is the stand-alone prequel to She Murdered Me with Science, the debut novel of award winning author, David Boop. Set in 1952, a year before the events told in SMMS, Noel R. Glass is sitting in his office on a rainy night when a woman walks in claiming to have “possibly” murdered her husband. What happens after is a race against time to figure out who the real murderer is, and what type of weapon did they use. As always, Glass combines his unique form of early forensics with the world-weary instincts only a man with nothing to lose has. At novella length, it’s a great way to get a taste the Noel R. Glass Mysteries series!    


“David Boop has richly recreated the best of the dark pulp fiction mysteries as scientist turned detective Noel Glass attempts to prove his client killed and didn’t kill her husband. Vividly imagined with twists and turns, “A Whisper To A Scheme” transports to the reader to the gritty underworld of the noir detective story. It invests the reader in the story while also creating a visual film in the mind. Well worth the read, David Boop has created a new style of detective in the persona of Noel Glass.”

Steven Sears, Writer/Producer; Xena: Warrior Princess, The A-Team, Walker: Texas Ranger, Swamp Thing, and others

“Fans of David Boop’s She Murdered Me with Science are in for a treat as he returns and reveals the origins of that magical universe. What are you waiting for? Go read it now!”

Bobby Nash, author: Evil Ways, Domino Lady

“If Sam Spade had a Ph.D., he’d be Noel R. Glass. David Boop lovingly captures the tone and the intricacy of classic film noir and turns it into a fresh new gem with a scientific twist. Highly recommended!”

Martin L. Shoemaker, award-winning author of Today I Am Carey

“A 1950s style homage with more twists than a DNA strand! Equal parts Sam Spade and Nero Wolfe with enough David Boop thrown in to make this not only a tightly woven mystery hitting all the right beats, but a whole lot of pulpy scientific fun as well!”

Tommy Hancock, Author and Publisher of Pro Se Productions works

The Trace Walker Temporary Mysteries: The Clocked-In Collection

From the Cover:

Private Investigator Trace Walker Thought he was smarter than most.

His Track record: Impeccable.

He had friends, love, and a long career ahead of him.

So, he got cocky.

And then he got caught.

The victim of his “victimless” crime took everything away from him in a media free-for-all. Left a pariah, Trace is penniless and jobless. With his credit shot and license gone, his only option for employment is taking temp work. Unfortunately, Trace’s new agency has killer benefits!

At each job site, Trace finds himself involved in a murder . He examines the crimes as only a man with nothing to lose can. He’s one solved case away from being arrested for unlicensed investigations, but he can’t turn a blind eye to what everyone else has clearly missed.

Somebody still wants Trace solving crimes…just on a part-time basis.

Collected here are twelve precious published Trace Walker Temporary Mysteries, plus an exclusive thirteenth case! Each story comes illustrated by pulp artist, Jay Peteranetz.

Trace Walker. Sure, he can’t find a job, but he can find a murder!  


Based on the one, two, and five-minute mystery series of old, each Trace Walker story is only one-thousand words (save for the last one at two-thousand words.) Written by award-winning author David Boop, these stories feature a disgraced former PI looking to start his life over away from murder and crime. Only, when he can’t find work do his much publicized fall-from-grace, he’s forced into “no questions asked” temp work.  It doesn’t take Trace long to realize that he’s being used for his specialized skill set when time and again, the assignments he takes involve a murder. This puts him in direct opposition to Detective Lopez of Homicide, who’d like nothing better than to find Trace illegally investigating crimes so he could finally send him to jail. With nothing left to lose, Trace continues taking jobs, finding clues, and facing down killers, all in less time than it takes to get a latte at a coffehaus.

Originally published on and other sites, the Clocked-In Collection compiles the first twelve Trace Walker stories, each with art by renown comic creator and instructor, Jay Peteranetz (Broderick, Plus, Boop wrote a thirteenth story exclusive for the collection. All of the cases come complete with an introduction revealing the actual temp assignment the author took that inspired the murder.  It’s a fun and fascinating series for fans of fast-paced mysteries with “no time” to read.

Blurbs for David Boop’s other work:

“In She Murdered Me with Science, Dave Boop has created a wonderful, alternate-history thriller. Boop deftly weaves together influences like Phillip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler, marries them to the grand tradition of pulp adventure stories, to produce a story that is a joy to read. He’s definitely an author to watch for in the future, and She Murdered Me with Science promises much for his career.” Mike Stackpole, New York Bestselling author of I, Jedi.

“This is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year and David Boop is a writer you need to put on your radar. He’s fresh, original and laces his work with a spirit of zany, madcap fun that is truly infectious. Pick up a copy of She Murdered Me with Science. You can thank me later.” Ron Fortier, author Terminator: Burning Earth, Mr. Jigsaw, Brother Bones.

She Murdered Me with Science is fast-paced, stopping for the occasional breather as Glass tries to piece together clues, scientific-method style. If you’re looking for a great combination of the private-eye novel, historical and science fiction, then you should find all those tastes satisfied here.” Josh Vogt, author of Enter the Janitor, Forge of Ashes.

“I absolutely loved this book. It was great to be able to read something that was written like this. I have never read the “pulp science fiction of the Forties and Fifties” and this was a great experience for me. David’s characters were very in-depth as was the plot. I hope David continues to write books like these.” Melissa Cornwell,

She Murdered Me With Science showcases David Boop’s storytelling talent in a tale of intrigue when a disgraced scientist turned forensic analyst uncovers a conspiracy to take over the United States…enthusiastically recommended for fantasy and science fiction enthusiasts, and would make enduringly popular addition to community library collections.” Midwest Book review

“Boop goes beyond the usual suspects when the conspiracy is uncovered for an interesting alternative history twist. There’s nonstop action showing a love for private eyes, mad scientists and blues music.” Fred Cleaver, The Denver Post

“A delightful mix of hard-boiled detective story and good old fashioned pulp science story, with a dash of Jazz thrown in for flavor.” Mark Urbin, The Urbin Report

“Classic deadpan noir…with a sci-fi twist. David Boop will keep you guessing — and laughing — to the end.” Mario Acevedo, author Rescue from the Pleasure Planet, Nymphos of the Rocky Flats.

She Murdered Me With Science has a oddly compelling futuristic noir style to it that gives the book a sharply defined, innovative feel…Read as science fiction, however, rarely is anything implausible and that’s probably where She Murdered Me With Science works best. The mix of history and science here, most of it fact and some of it obviously fiction, and the political paranoia that existed between the US and Russia in the years after World War II, all contribute to what is, in the end, a really good, believable (at least in the context of science fiction) and well-reasoned thriller.”

“She Murdered me with Science takes the best parts of the pulp era and infuses them with witty dialog, intriguing characters, and real world 1950’s events…. David Boop’s novel is a fun, wild ride that you’ll have trouble putting down once you start reading it.” Bobby Nash, author Evil Ways, Domino Lady: Threesome.

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