Superhero Monster Hunter – The Good Fight


Pulp Hero Original Short Story “Nothing to Be Gaines”

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It?s out there, hunting in the darkness and no one can stop it. Its tally of victims increases every day the sun rises and when dusk falls, fear pumps through the city?s veins.
It?s in the sky above the buildings, stalking the forests of the parks and slithering through the sewers. The situation is dire and hope is dwindling? It?s too fast, too strong and too smart.
A sudden flash burns across the night sky and figure appears; somebody like us, but not like us. As quickly as it appeared, the figure is gone, searching for the thing, ready to deliver justice. Hope has returned and smiles crack the corners of mouths, because everybody recognizes a superhero and we all know what comes next.
Epic battles will rage, city blocks will be trampled and the Earth will hang in the balance as the ultimate evil is answered by the ultimate good. Who will triumph, nobody knows and the only thing for certain is that they will fight THE GOOD FIGHT!

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