Trace Walker Temporary Mysteries Clocked-In Collection


Mystery Flash Fiction Story Reprint Collection

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Private Investigator Trace Walker thought he was smarter than most. His track record: Impeccable. He had friends, love and a long career ahead of him. Then he got cocky. And then he got caught. The victim of his ?victimless? crime took everything away from him in a media free-for-all. Left a pariah, Trace is penniless and jobless. With his credit shot and license gone, his only option for employment taking temp work. Unfortunately, Trace?s new agency has killer benefits! At each job site, Trace finds himself involved in a murder. He examines the crimes as only a man with nothing-to-lose can. He?s one solved case away from being arrested for unlicensed investigations, but he can?t turn a blind eye to what everyone else has clearly missed. Somebody still wants Trace solving crimes? just on a part-time basis. Collected here are 12 previously published Trace Walker Temporary Mysteries, plus an exclusive 13th case! And, for the first time, each story comes illustrated by pulp artist Jay Peteranetz. Trace Walker. Sure, he can?t find a job, but he can find a murder!

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