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Drowned Horse Chronicle Short Story “The Maher of Drowned Horse”

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Uchronia: Alternate Histories & Alternate Worlds?is a collection of retrofuturistic speculative fiction. In Site 78, a diabetic and an airship pilot search for insulin and come across the tome of Shanur. Navigating close quarters with his wheelchair, a marine fears early retirement due to mechanical men. A wife, and mother, flees the Galilean cluster and finds refuge on?Hermes. A magical huntress clashes with a demonic force. When the Soviet Union invades Mexico, a U.S.-Mexico war veteran rallies Samalayuca refinery workers to fight back. Gremlins battle a bounty huntress in the Weird Wild West. An adventurer who craves notoriety is consumed by cosmic horrors. The frontier transforms men into monsters. Her enchanted flute charms the beasts, but can it bring her husband back home? The Lunascraper Tower is the only thing standing between humanity and the deadly mist. Pangea, a floating country, awaits the final strike by Continental soldiers. As the rainy season descends on Los Lunas, a terrible prophecy is fulfilled. Colossal war robots trap military specialists in a government lab within the Cyan Desert. A bounty hunter chases a pair of outlaws into a mystical tavern. Captain Rex Kane and the crew of the Astroshark land on the Martian moon Phobos, only to discover a hole through its core. When a down-on-his-luck gambler gets offered a tin star in a cursed town, what’s he to do? Make a dragon his deputy, that’s what! Onboard the?Current of Eagles, a disabled Native-American pilot confronts prejudice and radio-warfare

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