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Drowned Horse Chronicle Short Story “Turk and the Lost City of the Mayan”

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StoryHack Action & Adventure is a brand new pulp magazine. This issue contains: ?A Tiger in the Garden? by Alexandru Constantin – A disgraced and exiled noble, stripped of his status, spends his days drinking and whoring in the exotic jungle colonies. When pressed to pay his debts he gets entangled in a deadly plot involving deceit, murder, and the dark magic of the deep jungle. ?The Monster Without? by Julie Frost – A werewolf private eye with serious save-the-damsel issues is on the hunt for the killer of a teenage girl. When a woman hires him to protect her from her abusive boyfriend, the cases collide in a way that may cost him his sanity-if not his life. ?Hal Turk and the Lost City of the Maya? by David Boop – A Texan bounty hunter has chased a criminal through Mexico and into Guatemala. Can he survive when he and his quarry fall captive to a bloodthirsty, long-forgotton ancient civilization? ?King of Spades? by David J. West – What happens when the dead come back to haunt us? General Joab has to find a way to free his king from the rising specter of a long thought dead Goliath. ?Desert Hunt? by Jon Mollison – The first steps in Karl Barber?s hunt for the leaders of a human trafficking ring land him in the ancient city of Cairo. His investigation takes an unexpected turn when the fate of a single girl compels him to strike before he?s ready. ?The Chronicle of the Dark Nimbus? by Keith West – A cursed prince, is living in exile with his squire until the curse can be broken. They have been sent by their royal sorcerer to protect a thaumaturgist from assassination. ?Menagerie? by Steve Dubois – In the Victorian era, a teenage countess and her motley band encounter a plot to restore the Confederate States of America. ?Daughter of Heaven? by Shannon Connor Winward – A dealer of ancient artifacts flies to Mars to identify a particularly interesting piece. Can he survive when he triggers the fulfillment of a world-destroying prophecy? ?Dead Last? by Jay Barnson – A junior-level agent for a modern-day magical cabal on embarks on his first field assignment. When a necromancer turns his contacts into gun-toting zombies, he must use every bit of his wits, talents, and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor to survive.

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